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Christmas Is Coming Soon!

Posted on November 01 2016

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is a time of fun and joy and is to many people throughout the world a religious celebration. With all of these niceties comes traditions that have been passed down through the years.

Santa Claus, also known as St Nicholas or Father Christmas is the jolly fellow who brings Christmas presents to all the boys and girls. In many households having the Patriarch of the family dress up in a Santa suit to give the presents to the kiddies on Christmas morning or at a holiday party is one tradition that everyone looks forward to. The actual act of buying a present for every boy and girl is another one that the kiddies enjoy and they love unwrapping the gifts as much as the present that wait inside.

Decorating the house is something the whole family looks forward to, with the centerpiece being a Christmas Tree. In the olden times and to some today, the only Christmas Tree is a live pine cut days before Christmas. Nowadays artificial trees have become more and more popular due to less mess, costs and ability to reuse year after year, and also the fact that they are making them look more and more realistic. Nothing looks nicer than a tree decorated with tinsel and lights and an angel or a Christmas star on top. to add an even more personal touch we have created ornament traditions for our family that hold special sentimental value. 

Christmas Tree - Our traditions

Going to Christmas parties as a family in Christmas holiday outfit is a newer tradition that brings a lot of fun to all. Some also love having festive holiday sweater parties and decorating their sweaters by hand or by buying some intentionally ugly sweater. 

Ugly Sweater Party -Our Traditions
We must not forget the traditional Christmas dinner of roast turkey and cranberry sauce with maybe a Christmas ham, followed by Christmas pudding. The table is usually decorated with a mini Christmas tree as a centerpiece or another Festive display and the family all gathered together to take part in the spirit of the holiday.

Whatever traditions you and your family follow it is all for the same reason – to have fun and laughter on this very special day and throughout this very special season. We wish you a very Merry Christmas as we begin the Christmas Season.